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Aside from your wedding day, one of the greatest moments of your life will be your proposal-- the moment when you and your best friend decide to spend the rest of your lives together. Capturing that moment with photography is something that you can both cherish forever. As a husband and wife team, we are ready to be your Boston proposal photographers. We offer experienced and professional Boston proposal photography for you to pop the question. We photograph almost every session together, so you're getting two photographers who provide you with images from two different angles. We have photographed so many Boston proposals that we could probably do them with our eyes closed-- but don't worry, we won't actually attempt that. With our experience, we know how to blend into the background and strike when the moment is right.

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Here’s a short list of reasons to hire a professional Boston proposal photographer:

  1. It adds even more excitement to the event and captures the moment on film. Using both our personal and professional experience, we can help you plan and be as involved or as uninvolved as you’d like. We want this to be just as perfect as you do.
  2. Because your (future) fiancé will want it! A recent survey of 1,000 people about their “ideal” proposal showed that having it photographed ranked even higher than getting the perfect ring.
  3. Because even though you’re in front of the camera, the moment will still remain private. Hiring a photographer doesn’t mean you’re turning the proposal into a huge production. We can capture the event and disappear, or we can hang out with you for a little while and take some more photos. Your big moment can remain just as intimate as you had planned, and your (future) fiancé will be so awe-struck that they won’t be paying any attention to us anyway.
  4. You’ll both be so overwhelmed with emotion that you’ll practically forget what happened. The reason why this is a good thing, is because you will have hired a photographer to capture it all… so you’ll never forget. You’ll never forget where you were, how you reacted, how they reacted, what the weather was like or even what you were wearing. And that is perhaps the greatest reason of them all.
Boston Proposal Photography Packages:
Basic | $695 | 30 minutes of shooting + a minimum of 30 edited images.
Extra | $895 | 60 minutes of shooting + a minimum of 60 edited images.

Both options includes calls and emails as needed to discuss the plan and details.

What is the difference between the 2 proposal photography options?

With option 1, 30 minutes will give about 10 minutes to shoot the proposal and for you to catch your breathe and then take some couples photos after for about 20 minutes. About half of our clients choose this.

Option 2 gives you more time for couples photos. If you think that the other person might want extra photos, or you want to walk around the area, or if you have family at a restaurant close by and want us to take a few photos of all of you, then you need an hour.

Each of these packages include an online, password-protected gallery with a custom link so that you can share it with family and friends, high-resolution images, any and all planning sessions, traditional portraits as well as candid shots. (Check out our instagram to see all the types of images that we deliver!)

Don’t see the ideal package that you’re looking for? Let us know! We’re more than happy to put together a custom option for you.

If you have any questions about Boston proposal photography or simply want to learn more about the process, don’t hesitate to reach out using our contact form.

Incredible experience. They are an amazing couple who kept us laughing and engaged the whole time. They could not have been more perfect for the suprise engagement and I would absolutely recommend them. Their assistance with planning, their outgoing nature and the results they delivered were socond to none. Thank you for everything!

To give you a quick background on Peter and Sarah, we’ve been married since 2015. Peter proposed to Sarah during a trip to Costa Rica in 2014. He asked the hotel manager to pretend to be doing a hotel brochure update with a photographer. At breakfast, the manager asked Peter and Sarah if they wouldn’t mind being in a few hotel photos. Of course, the photographer was hired by Peter, and Sarah was totally fooled. As a side note, Sarah got so sick with food poisoning that she almost didn’t survive to see the ring… but thankfully for Peter, she survived!

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