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Top Boston Surprise Proposal Locations

Top Proposal Spots in Boston

Are you planning a proposal around Boston? CityLux has some advice!

Are you ready to propose to your significant other but are having trouble choosing the perfect spot for you as a couple? Boston is one of the most romantic cities in the world. It is full of history, architecture, bustling restaurants, beautiful parks, and so much more. Everywhere you go feels like a date night. There’s one thing that will take your date night to a whole new level- a proposal that matches YOU and your relationship. Okay, maybe two things, you’ll need CityLux Studios as your Boston proposal photographer too! We want to help you bring your proposal to life. Because of this, we are letting you in on our secret list of favorite proposal locations in and around Boston.

  1. Fan Pier
    If you are looking for a waterfront proposal spot with a view of downtown Boston, Fan Pier is for you. Oftentimes, when you think of a city photoshoot, you may think of all the people in the surrounding area; however, typically at this location, you are able to avoid too many people in the background of your photos, creating that intimate moment for you and your partner.
  2. Paul Revere Mall
    Are you looking for historic charm? Paul Revere Mall may be the spot for you. Paul Revere Mall is a long narrow park with trees lining both sides of the walkway. This location isn’t too busy most of the year either. In the middle of the park, you will find a fountain, which makes for a beautiful backdrop for your proposal.
  3. Reflecting Pool
    The Reflecting Pool is perfect for our architecture lovers. There are exquisite gardens, a long pool of water, and strong architecture surrounding the water. This location has an added bonus of a flowing fountain. Inquire here to find out our favorite spots around the Reflecting Pool!
  4. Crane Estate
    The Crane Estate is a beautiful hilltop mansion with entrancing Italian gardens and ocean views. The Crane Estate is located North of Boston in Ipswich. If you are looking for an intimate getaway with greenery, romantic gardens, and a grand estate with a beautiful backdrop, this is the location for you!
  5. Public Garden
    The Public Garden may be popular, but for good reason. There are countless locations that create a romantic atmosphere. This location can be very populated; however, there is a private bandstand across the street you can rent out. If you are looking to make more of a statement, you can decorate the bandstand with flowers and decor to create your desired feel for you and your partner.
  6. View Boston
    View Boston is a newer spot located on Boylston Street. Picture being among the clouds, looking out at the Boston skyline. These panoramic views create a uniquely romantic scene.
  7. Secret Spots
    You didn’t think we’d give away ALL of our secrets, did you? We had to keep a few proposal locations a secret between us (and you upon booking). Inquire here to gain access to our other secret rooftops, beaches, and more…

What does CityLux recommend for your Boston surprise proposal?

Indoor proposals can be tough for lighting and the photographer moving around as needed. In general, we recommend outside proposals when possible. If you want to do something inside, here are some things to consider:

  • Where do you want to propose?
  • Does this location allow for proposals & photography?
  • What is the size of the venue/location?
  • How difficult would this location be to pull off for you and your photographer?

Plan ahead! We often get contacted a few days to a week or two before the proposal. We are generally already booked out at that point. We recommend that you start planning at least three months ahead of time, especially if you want a specific photographer to capture your moment. Due to the availability of the photographer, you may need to be flexible with date and time if they are already booked.

While winter proposals can be cute if you happen to get snowflakes, remember that it can often be really cold, which can result in puffy clothing and runny noses. The best weather season for outdoor Boston proposals is Autumn, followed by Summer, and then Spring.

Mother Nature doesn’t always agree with our plans. For any outdoor proposal, you may want to have a rain date or backup plan in place.

CityLux is a top Boston Surprise Proposal Photographe

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