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Creative process

October 10, 2017
in Creative-Vision
Time spent: Unlimited hours
Camera: Canon

We are constantly looking to take photos of things we see or are inspired by. We do some basic planning of what we want to shoot and look for inspiration in all sorts of places. Photography to us is fun and we enjoy it.

Sarah has a very artistic eye and is always looking at details and emotion, it could be details in a street, like a doorknob or the details of an engagement ring. Peter often likes the bigger picture, and is always looking for a different angle or idea that might edit well. We have similar yet very different styles on how we shoot and our edits. Sarah edits on the simple side, more romantic and light, keeping things natural. Peter prefers to play with colors, shadows, and light and also enjoys some heavy edits to make the image really different or unique.

The great thing about hiring CityLux is you generally get both of us at a shoot and end up with a variety of photos and edits that will appeal to different people and tastes.

CityLux Studios
Hey, thanks for stopping by. We are CityLux, 2 Photographers based in the Boston area.
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