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How to Prepare for an Engagement Shoot

You’ll only do this once (hopefully!) so you want to make sure you do it right. One of the biggest things playing into how your pictures turn out is location, location, location. What’s your vision? Are you city chic or a beach babe? Or maybe you’d rather plop down at your favorite cafe or a cute local park. Whatever you choose, your wardrobe may also be affected. If you’re shooting an engagement in Boston then you might pick a cute cocktail dress with heels, and if you’re shooting on Plum Island then you may opt for a flowy maxi dress and adorable bare feet. Regardless of where you go, bring a couple different clothing options, especially if we’re shooting in more than one spot. Make sure you two lovebirds are color coordinated but not too matchy matchy. Wearing different colors is good, just try and stay within the same color family or select colors that compliment each other. Also, try to avoid loud, crazy patterns. They can be distracting and don’t always translate well in photos.

Something we always tell our future brides is to spoil yourself with a manicure and polish up that rock! Your left hand will be in the spotlight so make sure it’s looking good. Guys that goes for you, too! Your hands may also be in some close-ups and let’s face it, no one likes dirty fingernails. Two other big role-players are hair and makeup. Being a tad heavier on your everyday makeup is always a good idea when you’re going to be in front of a camera. We’re not talking drag queen heavy – just a little extra attention to your skin and eyes. For the future grooms, a little hair cut, bead trim and/or lineup never hurt anyone. If you look good, you feel good – amiright??

engagement photographer plum island newburyportTry and plan as much as you can in advance so that you have less to worry about the day of. Get up early and take your time getting ready. The last thing you want is to feel rushed and stressed out. EAT SOMETHING. Don’t risk getting hangry. That tidbit should actually be at the top of this blog post due to its importance. Bring some form of hydration in case you get thirsty. The average shoot is about 1.5-2 hours. Fill one big bag with all your goodies (car keys, props, outfit changes, water, lint roller if you have fluffy pets at home, etc) so that it’s easy to carry around. The gigantic bags TJ Maxx sells at check-out are perfect – fellow Maxxinistas know what I’m talking about…*wink* Last but certainly not least, RELAX. This is supposed to be the most awkward fun of your lives! You’re going to be great.

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