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Modern City Wedding at the State Room

Wedding at the State Room

Maddie + Jared ― August 13, 2022

This modern city wedding at the State Room was a stunner! Longwood Venues State Room always offers unparalleled views of Boston. We were absolutely delighted by all the details of Maddie and Jared’s wedding day. From the amazing penthouse suite, to the drop dead gorgeous urban forest black tie theme at the State Room reception!

Maddie was absolutely glowing while she and her bridal party got ready in the Nine Zero Penthouse. Her cat Moa had flown in with her from San Francisco and quietly hid under the bed sheets while suspiciously watching the room buzz with people.

A few floors down, Jared prepped with his three brothers and best friends. His custom Indochino Tux hung nearby on a monogrammed hanger.

After some toasts with the guys, Jared traveled to the steps of the Boston Public Library for the first look. Meanwhile, Maddie was grinning from ear to ear from the wedding gift she had just opened– learning they adopting a puppy!

Trying to contain her excitement, Maddie carefully stepped into her stunning Élysée dress with help from her mother and maid of honor.

The first look was out of a fairy tale. It was held on the steps of the Boston Public Library with hundreds of onlookers cheering as Jared turned to see Maddie and tears rolled down his face.

Strolling Newbury Street and Commonwealth Ave provided that perfect city backdrop for their Boston wedding photos. Despite currently living in San Francisco, they love Boston and the vibe of the city.

The ceremony took place 33 stories above Boston under a white rose covered arch in the Great Hall at the State Room. With lots of greenery everywhere, punctuated with white floral and black accents, one could consider the room to have an urban forest feel.

The head table was 30 feet long and covered from one end to the other in 10 foot tall greenery that hung over the bridal party and provided an amazing contrast while looking out the 20 foot tall windows that swept the room.

Not a single detail was overlooked– from the custom wax seal escort cards, to the audio phone guest book, and the very modern photo booth. Guests were immersed into a wonderful evening of glamour and fun.

Maddie and Jed met working at a hotel in Las Vegas…more specifically they met when Maddie started working FOR Jed and he tirelessly tried to get her to go out with him. Despite Maddie’s best efforts NOT to date her boss, she was helpless against his America pants, witty jokes, and the sweet work schedule she got after agreeing to go out with him.

Maddie knew something was different about Jed after their first romantic date where they watched The Bachelorette with Jed’s friends and his friend Tommy’s mom followed by a dive bar crawl with his friend Casey. Jed really sealed the deal when he invited Maddie back to his place for a drink and ended up having to break in through his best friend Conor’s window and crawl over him in bed to let Maddie in after realizing he had forgotten his keys. Needless to say, she’s never looked back since… and only partly because she wonders why she said yes to another date after being only 90% sure he didn’t break into a stranger’s house on their first date. All jokes aside, Maddie could not wait to marry Jed and spend the rest of her life with the best person she knows and the absolute love of her life.

Jed knew he would be with Maddie the second she walked into the hotel for an interview. As soon as Maddie walked away, Jed turned to his friend and colleague Jerry and declared, “She will be mine”! After a few dates, Jed knew he met his match when Maddie’s cat Moa walked in the door! Still trying to win the cat’s heart, Jed has fallen more and more in love with Maddie with every lockdown they spend together. Through the endless nights in Vegas, fun mountain adventures in Denver, and the lights going down in the city by the Bay, Jed never wants anyone else by his side.


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