Fairmont Copley Wedding Indian Wedding

Fairmont Copley Wedding

Fairmont Copley Wedding

Alice + Karthic ― September 6, 2022

This multi day Indian wedding celebration spanned two different religions and three different venues! It was an honor to both witness and document these cultures during Alice and Karthic’s wedding at the Fairmont Copley in Boston.

Over the course of three days, Alice and Karthic celebrated both their Catholic and Hindu faiths at three different locations and with 275 guests.

Both families being from India but having different religious backgrounds made for a unique mix of modern and traditional South Indian wedding traditions.

The first night was their Sangeet which was the formal meeting of the two families. This formal greeting took place in the courtyard of the Hyatt Regency Boston and was followed by the Bride’s entrance and family performances in the Charles View Ballroom.

The second day included the full Hindu ceremony, with its many amazing colors, scents, and sounds. The Bride’s family welcomed the groom and his entire extended family, and performed beautiful rituals. Alice wore a red bridal lehenga for the Hindu ceremony. Red is an auspicious color in Indian culture. With astrology so closely connected to the Hindu religion, red is also a symbol of Mars—the planet that rules marriage. For their Hindu ceremony, the groom wore a long white jacket– called a Sherwani– over fitted trousers known as Churidas.

On the third day, Alice got ready in a suite at Fairmont Copley and stepped into a beautiful white gown from Vows in Watertown. A white stretch limo drove Alice and her parents to St. Paul’s Parish in Cambridge where she and Karthic tied the knot in a stunning Catholic ceremony that also included several Hindu traditions.

After taking some formal bride and groom portraits outside of Copley and the Boston Public Library, the bride and groom both changed their wardrobes– Alice into a blue lehenga and Karthic into a smartly tailored Indochino tuxedo. We took additional golden hour photos on the balcony overlooking Boston and then prepared for the reception at the historic Fairmont Copley Plaza.

During the reception, Alice’s family, including her many cousins, who are ALL dancers, entertained the guests with a 14 minute choreographed routine after dinner. The guests also had the pleasure of being serenaded by the groom and his siblings who are ALL extremely talented musicians. Following these Oscar-worthy events, the 275+ guests partied and danced all night long with an awesomely intense and fun energy provided by Silk Events.

All 14 bridesmaids wore traditional blue and purple dresses from Nazranaa on day one, and green ones on day two.

Congratulation to Alice and Karthic and thank you for allowing us to witness your celebration and be the photographers for your wedding in Boston!

Check out the wedding highlight reel on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CiKzqefAkv5/?hl=en


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