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Faneuil Hall Engagement

Fanueil Hall Engagement

Molly + Kyle ― September 1, 2022

These Boston Faneuil Hall engagement photos show just how diverse one area can be for photography!

Molly and Kyle’s engagement photos began on a garage roof and ended right along the water. Never walking more than 10 minutes in any direction, the Faneuil Hall area let these two photogenic lovebirds have so many different looks and backdrops for their photos.

We met the couple on the top floor of the garage and from there, we walked all through Faneuil Hall, over to City Hall, over to the old State House and then straight down to the waterfront.

One of the things we loved most about this session was that Molly and Kyle completely released creative control to us and trusted our judgement every step of the way– from selecting outfits, to choosing location and then by following every silly direction we gave them for posing. They were A+ students!

We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of their Boston engagement photos. they are such a fun and sweet couple who totally went with our idea… now we can’t wait for their wedding!

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