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So, you hired CityLux Studios to document your wedding day. Now you have a bunch of photos from the wedding or elopement that were just delivered to you in your online photo gallery. You looked at them, saved and favorited a bunch, and probably keep looking at them. So what is next?

  1. As we mentioned in the email we sent you, first off, you should download all of the images. Don’t just download 10 favorites, download all of them! You should have multiple copies, just in case! You can store them on your hard drive or a thumb drive or put them on dropbox. Sure the gallery is there but don’t depend on that as your only source of photos.\
  2. Yes, share them on social media. This is the most common thing we see. You have some favs and you post them on facebook or instagram. Maybe all at once, or maybe you tease them out over a few weeks. That is great and probably the most common way to share images nowadays. Tip – when sharing, never, ever, use screenshots. They are about 50 percent as detailed or clear as an original image. Also post the full image, don’t use the default IG crop, unless you really like it, because that crop doesn’t always look good for the image. Also some images are just too big, so be ready for that, as instagram only gives you so much room. For example, a tall photo might not fit in your square but might work in a story, so think about what looks best where. Oh and filters, of course it is up to you but most filters will make an already edited image look weird. Maybe you like that look though, so do you.
  3. Wedding Album? Wait, an old fashioned, printed album, who does that? Well many people skip it, we took a year to make one after our wedding. But guess what, the ones we have seen created, or helped clients to create, look absolute amazing. You probably have a nice apartments or house, with random memories, art, and books, all over for people to see. So why not have a wedding album that you can show off to everyone?  Also, you can look through it, and guess what, you can pass it on for generations to come. Haven’t you ever looked at old pictures, or wished you had them to look at? Make an album! And if we can suggest something, professional printed albums are expensive but worth the money. You can’t compare the image quality with a cheap printer, we have seen both, spend the extra dough if you can afford it.
  4. Get those wedding photos on your wall. Take one of those artsy black and white images and create a fine art canvas print. Have a stunning colorful image that you love? Print in on a metal surface and see how amazing that looks up on the wall. You paid to have these images taken, print them out for yourself, your parents, everyone! Seriously, you will be amazed how some images look printed vs just seeing them on your computer screen. We have head clients say that over and over. And again, we recommend a high end print shop to get the best quality. If you print them on your own printer or at CVS, don’t expect to see the same image that you would from a professional wedding photo printer. We even made it easier now to order right from your wedding gallery with 4 custom ready print packages that you can choose from!
  5. Use them as cards, thank you cards, holiday card, etc. There is probably more than one image you could print out and use on some sort of card to send to people. You also have images of you with your family or wedding party. Print those as gifts for your family and friends. You can print on almost any surface and any size. Is it your friends birthday? Take that image and put it on the front of a blank book, or in a frame, and send it to them.
  6. Submit your wedding photos to publishers, print, and blogs. Yes, we can submit them but we are so busy shooting and editing we usually don’t get to that until months later when we have downtime. But almost any publisher will take photos direct from the bride and groom. It takes a good hour or two to choose them and answer all the questions to submit them, but you never know where they might end up. There are all sort of magazines and websites out there to submit wedding photos to. Of course, competition is tight, and many won’t get published but you have as good a chance as anyone else. So share those wedding photos for other future brides to see! Here is a list of places to submit your wedding photos
  7. There is nothing like a large canvas or high end album from a quality printer.


  • Amy
    January 20, 2020

    Great ideas for the wedding photos! Going to do a parents album I think.

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