Boston Photography Pricing

Boston Photography Pricing

Photography Pricing

How Much Does Photography Cost in Boston

CityLux Studios are Boston photographers and we offer a wide variety of photography services. Our pricing depends on what type of session you’re looking for. Take a moment to browse through our individual pages to see some basic pricing.

Many Boston area wedding photographers will tell you to not think about photography in terms of cost, but as an investment. You are investing a great deal not only in the images themselves, but also in the experience and professionalism of your photographers, as well as the positive vibes that they provide you with. Your photographs are also the only thing from your wedding that you will always have.

We encourage anyone looking for a photographer in Boston to make sure that the style and vibe of the photos match what you are looking for. But also to make sure that you have found the correct photographer for your personality and event. The photo is a big part of photography, but the correct photographer and the experience and service are just as important. CityLux is not for every couple, just like every wedding client is not always the best fit for us and how we work. We encourage you to search until you find the right fit for you!

You can find our Boston area photography prices below:

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